The Oxford Putney Debates 2020: The Sovereignty of Parliament

A Free, Open-to-All Series of LIVE Webinar Debates

21 October18 November 2020

Join us for our first ever series of interactive online debates, hosted by the UK's leading legal commentator Joshua Rozenberg  open to all and accessible from the comfort of your own home.

We'll expose who wields ultimate power in the UK. Register today for this unique series of expert video analysis and live webinar debates.

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Get the lowdown on our first ever online-only Oxford Putney Debates


AC Grayling
AC Grayling
Master and Prof of Philosophy, New College of the Humanities
Meg Russell
Meg Russell
Director of the Constitution Unit & Prof of British and Comparative Politics, UCL
Joshua Rozenberg
Joshua Rozenberg
Putney Debate chairperson and legal commentator

Programme Details

Weds 21st October: Keynote Lecture: The Future of Parliamentary Sovereignty

Weds 28th October: Debate 1         

Weds 4th November: Debate 2


Weds 18th November: Final Debate

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Watch Prof Michael Gordon's Keynote Lecture to open the Oxford Putney Debates 2020
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The Putney Debates
Britain's constitutional origins
What were the Putney Debates?

Discover how a group of liberal radicals challenged the existing order through an extraordinary series of debates that paved the way for many of the civil liberties we value today.

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